Jesus said, let the little children come to me. At Open Table of Christ, we are committed to fostering faith, joy and community among our children and youth.

Child care: children 5 and under can either go to a nursery or stay in the sanctuary. Our nursery always has 2 people to follow our Safe Sanctuary policy and the service is live streamed. If you and your child(ren) choose stay at the sanctuary, there is a little section especially for kids and chairs and tables for kids. Whatever makes you and your children comfortable is the way we want you to feel at our church.

Worship & Sunday School: Children are invited to join the whole congregation for worship for singing, gathering, and a children’s message. After the children’s message, kids are invited to follow our teachers and the other kids upstairs for Sunday School, which includes bible lessons, prayer, games and fun. Children come back to the sanctuary in time for communion and our circle closing. If a child would rather stay with his/her family, they are welcome to remain for the whole worship service.

Sometimes parents of young children worry about coming to worship, nervous about occasionally-crying babies or sometimes-squealing toddlers. Please don’t be embarrassed if your baby makes noise during worship — it is all, we believe, to the glory of God, who made your precious baby and delights in his or her powerful lungs! We are glad to have you AND your child as part of church.